One in Seven- By: Ari Klarfeld


I have come to realize that life is the way it is, because Hashem has chosen our paths for us. There is nothing that we can do to change who we are, but how we react to them may in fact help others; or could hurt others. The purpose of this is not to share [...]

One in Seven- By: Ari Klarfeld2019-08-26T14:33:22-07:00

IVF STINKS, but It’s Not ALL Bad! – By: Rachel


In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week 2015, and as I start my fourth IVF cycle of the year (in the past 12 months), I wanted to lay out some of the positives of going through IVF. Since infertility is, most of the time, a really big downer, I think it’s good to sometimes remind [...]

IVF STINKS, but It’s Not ALL Bad! – By: Rachel2019-08-26T14:33:22-07:00

Fertility Warrior – By: Anonymous


“You must be the most interesting couple I’ve treated,” my OB remarked. Embarrassed at the flattery I replied, “Well, you come highly recommended.” This was not your average first pre-natal appointment. For one thing, I was already 11 weeks pregnant only a few weeks away from my second trimester. Most women see their OB for [...]

Fertility Warrior – By: Anonymous2019-08-26T14:33:22-07:00

Why We Chose to Have our Seder Alone This Year- By: Rachel


I have a close friend who once told me that she and her husband were having seder alone. At the time, I thought that sounded like the most depressing scenario ever, and I worked hard to convince her to spend a holiday meal with my husband and me. Having grown up at big family sedarim, [...]

Why We Chose to Have our Seder Alone This Year- By: Rachel2019-08-26T14:33:22-07:00