Time is a precious commodity in the land of infertility, it is important to make it count.  


1.YOU are your best advocate:

  • No one wants what is best for you more than you do – so YOU must fight for YOU.
  • If you want to be more aggressive in your treatment, ASK FOR IT- the worst they can say is…No. And if that’s the answer, your response is “WHY?”
  • It’s your money – you are the customer, and the customer is ALWAYS right


2. Do research and trust your gut:

  • Find a doctor that you can trust and get along with.
  • Do some research before choosing your doctor. Make sure that your doctor specializes in the area of Reproductive Endocrinology that best fits your medical needs.
  • If you are uncomfortable with what your doctor is prescribing or suggesting for your course of treatment, go for a second opinion.


3. Talk to people and create your own support system:

  • There are support groups, online forums, blogs and people who are ready to hear your story. Many have gone through similar situations and are happy to share their struggles and successes.
  • In addition to your husband/partner, sometimes having someone to talk to and lean on is a wonderful outlet and can be very therapeutic.
  • Everyone’s experience is different, but people may have similarities and can help you with suggestions or just give you the strength to continue on even through the toughest times.


Be strong and don’t lose faith… Yesh Tikva is here to hold your hand along the journey.

By: http://secretsfromthesilentsisterhood.blogspot.com/