Ceremony Prior to Fertility Treatment – By: Ariel Wolgel


Judaism is filled with meaningful rituals for various life cycle events. Rituals give us a chance to reflect, appreciate, and prepare for the next stage in our lives. They also give us a sense of communal support during a time of transition in our lives.

Preparing for fertility treatments can be an exhausting process. This ceremony was created to give time and space for spiritual reflection and inspiration among all of the physical preparations.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Fill a candle tray with sand and star shaped confetti. These are both visuals reminder of God’s promise to Avraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the sand or as the stars in the sky. Place eight tea light candles onto the tray. The number eight is the single number gematriyah (numerical equivalent) of the word נשמה, neshama- soul. In Jewish mystical tradition, candles symbolize the neshama of a person.  The candle lighting ceremony is a visual expression of our hope and prayer to unite a neshama with its guf (body) in this world.

Before lighting each candle, have someone read a verse related to fertility from the TaNaCh- Bible. There are suggestions for verses to use bellow.

Dvar Torah/ Reflection

Now that the mood has been set, it is a beautiful time to share words of Torah or reflection. This can come from the woman preparing for the fertility procedure, or from a friend.

Prayer/ Psalms

The ceremony concludes with prayers or Psalms related to fertility and parenting. Some suggested prayers are bellow.

Upon reading these verses, it is our intention to bring light and hope into the world for those who long to build a family.

Notes of Blessing

The ceremony concludes with a participants writing notes of blessing and encouragement for the woman preparing for the fertility procedure. It is possible to turn these notes into a project. For example, participants can create paper flowers and attach the notes to each flower.

Suggested Texts for Candle Lighting Ceremony

Upon reading these verses, it is our intention to bring light and hope into the world for those who long to build a family.

Genesis 15:5-6 – בראשית טו: ה- ו    

Genesis 21:1-2 – בראשית כא: א-ב   

Genesis 22:17 – בראשית כב: יז   

Genesis 25:21 – בראשית כה: כא   

Genesis 30:22 – בראשית ל: כב   

Genesis 48:16 – בראשית מח :טז

Deuteronomy 1:10-11 – דברים א: י-יא 

Samuel 1, 1:10 & 20 – שמואל א, פרק א: י & כ   

Suggested Prayers

Prayer after candle lighting – תפילה אחרי הדלקת נרות

Psalms 128 – תהילים קכח 

Samuel 1, 2: 1-2 – שמואל א, פרק ב: א-ב