SAVE THE DATE: Fifth Annual Infertility Awareness Shabbat

3rd of Nisan, March 28, 2020

e-Journal: The Many Voices of Infertility: Passover and All Year 


Passover is a holiday with a strong focus on children. The Torah charges us to “tell your children (Exodus 13:8)” of the great miracles of the Exodus. So much of what we do on Seder night is “so that the children will ask.” But what about those who have not yet been blessed with children?

The Infertility Awareness Shabbat is Yesh Tikva’s initiative to raise awareness and sensitivity  regarding infertility, and unite as Jews over a cause that affects 1 in 8 men and women throughout the Jewish community. On Shabbat morning, March 28, 2020 we are asking synagogues to partner with Yesh Tikva and share a message or Dvar Torah to increase sensitivity toward all who have not yet been blessed with children or struggle to expand their families.

This Passover help ensure that everyone, including those without children, are able to participate in and enjoy the true experience of this holiday. 


Letter to Rabbis

Infertility Facts

Sensitivity Suggestions

Participating Synagogues – 2019