Facing infertility can be a very lonely journey. Yesh Tikva, Hebrew for “There is Hope,” was established to end the silence and create a Jewish Community of support.

Yesh Tikva has two primary goals:

  1. To provide psychosocial resources and tools to those struggling with infertility.
  2. To raise awareness of infertility throughout the Jewish community.

Yesh Tikva works to provide those thrown into the world of infertility with navigational tools to cope emotionally and practically along this journey. Resources include support groups,  platforms for sharing personal stories, and events. We are constantly building, growing, and  improving our offered resources.

Additionally, Yesh Tikva increases awareness of infertility throughout the Jewish community.  Infertility has been taboo for far too long; it is time to “Give Infertility a VOICE!” Yesh Tikva aims to increase the sensitivity of those who have not struggled to have to children and to equip them with the resources to help and support those who may be suffering in silence.

In creating a resource for others on this roller coaster, we extend our hands and open our hearts. You are no longer alone.

Who we are

Gila Muskin Block

Gila Block is the Executive Director and Co-Founder Yesh Tikva. Three years into her personal fertility journey she founded Yesh Tikva with the help of four incredible and dedicated women. She received her BA in psychology from Yeshiva University Stern College for Women and an MA in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Columbia University. Prior to assuming the position of Executive Director of Yesh Tikva, she worked for 8 years as a behavior therapist and parent educator working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Elie Haller Salomon

Elie Salomon is the Fertility Advocate and Community Outreach Director and Co- Founder of Yesh Tikva. After informally counseling others though their fertility journeys, she became a founding member of the organization in 2015. Elie has become a major advocate in the infertility community by stepping forward and sharing her story so that others can understand what many cannot vocalize.  A natural educator, Elie is also the Program Director at the Nefesh Yehudi Academy: After-School Judaic Studies Program in East Brunswick, NJ.  She is a former Television Producer with credits on CBS, MTV, and NBC shows. Throughout her career she has interviewed celebrities, physicians and everyday people in order to research and produce informative content for the viewing public. In her own journey through infertility, she has utilized those same skills to gain vast knowledge in order to become the best advocate for her own care.